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Carlos J. Escuela  has been many things in his life. From a health manager to a renowned jazz musician. That was until the late ‘90s when he found himself the guitarist of Sigma 7, one of the most influential Breakbeat groups in the Spanish electronic music at the time. A love of electronic music was born and since then it’s never faltered as Marcos Castilla has gone from mere man to electronic’s Deeplastik. With the help of JMekka, founder of the empire, Deeplastik managed to fuse the sound of his guitar with electronic music on multiple live performances.

That fusion began almost 20 years ago when Deeplastik settled down in Ibiza for both his medical profession and his musical evolution. In 2010 he made the switch to doing music fill time and in doing so has transformed into a musical avatar of sorts, playing guitar and using his extensive knowledge of modern music harmony to evolve the listening experience for those around the world.



With music that is more versatile than anything else, Deeplastik has been releasing his current style for the past two decades. Influenced by the funk and finesse of James Brown as well as some of his personal teachers such Martin Buttrich’s concept of rhythm, and John Graham aka Quivver – the best producer in the game right now, Deeplastik is full of ambition and drive.

Which ironically is one of his signature tracks. “Ambition” comes from his last EP with that incorporated a tech-house sound and includes a sample of a movie that he notes, “Affirms that every man has his own ambition.” Seeing himself reflected in that film, the song was something that came easily to him and stands out to this day among one of his best.

Music isn’t all Deeplastik is about. A non-profit organization in human form, he’s also a huge advocate for giving back to those in need. In 2006 he started to notice, first-hand, how unbalanced mankind is when it comes to First World and Third World countries.

He started to make changes and produce good into the world, and in 2012 he paired music with heart and Armony came to be. Armony is a non-profit organization dedicated to the design and execution of international cooperation projects aimed to help individuals and small communities in the underdeveloped world to improve their quality of life and that of his immediate environment in a sustainable manner. With that came AMHRecords (Armony Music Help Records, a tool to raise funds for those in need. The record label donates 80% of its profits to Armony.













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